Are There Skeletons Hiding in Your Closets?

Fall marks the beginning of the holiday season. Halloween is just around the corner, so decorate the house, get the candy ready and prepare for the onslaught of kiddies. But remember: hoarding holiday decorations can be a major source of clutter in your home.

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That’s right. You may find, buried deep in a closet, skeletons or monsters or other ghouls — outdated and forgotten decorations of holidays past. Now is a good time to clear out what you don’t need. If this is a task you’ve put off for far too long, call a home organizing service like Art of Downsizing for help. The job is always easier when someone else does the work or helps you do it. So this Halloween, sip some cider and sit by the fire as your handy home organizing service makes sure there are no skeletons lurking  in your closets.

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

When All Hallows Eve rolls around this year, use it as an opportunity to clear some of your home’s clutter in preparation for Christmas. As a home organizing service, we like to focus on the big picture. On Halloween, as well as year-round, the devil truly is in the details. We suggest placing a festive trinket or bouquet on side tables and other open spaces to help you avoid the temptation of using those spots for clutter. Then put the stacks of paper you’re replacing next to your scanner to either be scanned or tossed while you watch tv.

A pile of packages is festive once a year. Period. Make an effort to use every open space in your home as a way to display your keen eye for decoration, not for extra storage. Create an ambiance of an organized life to bring you and your guests peace of mind. As you clear out your closets to make way for new gifts and purchases, keep your open spaces sacrosanct and free from closet-clutter. You’ll find that opening up space in your home actually improves your sense of well being.

Costume Clutter Be Gone

A home organizing service can’t dictate what clothes to keep and which to let go, but we do have a few words of advice on the topic. Sure, your costumes from Halloween 10 years ago might hold a good memory, but you and your kids probably  won’t be wearing them again. Take a picture with your camera phone and say your goodbyes to the garment.

This method applies to other clothes as well. Try this tip to reduce the number of clothes hanging — sometimes by a noose — in your closet:

  • Turn your hangers all facing one way.

  • As you wear an item, put it back in the closet with the hanger facing the opposite way.

  • When a season has come and gone, check and see which hangers are still turned in the original direction.

  • Consider donating the clothes still hanging in the first position.

It may be difficult to face the truth, but hangers don’t lie.

Let It Go

Letting go of things, especially your own things, can be difficult. Most of us have memories associated with everything we own. That’s where the value of hiring a home organizing service can help. But while we do a major portion of the decluttering, it’s up to you to decide what has true value and recognize how much is too much.

When it comes time to start decorating for a specific holiday, take a good hard look at what enhances your home and what might look a bit over-the-top or dated. Magazines often feature an eclectic mix of new and vintage items that absolutely works. But if you have more than six totes of holiday items, you’re probably overstocked and need to purge.

Thrift stores are always open to receive holiday decorations. They go to help families who need to bring joy into their home. You may be surprised at the unexpected treat you feel in your heart when you give freely and get rid of those skeletons!