Collectibles Are Only as Valuable as the Sale Price

Online Sales Have Pros and Cons

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. While often true, no one wants to face the fact that someone else may consider their well-curated treasures as trash. How you’ve come by your treasures can vary, of course:

  • You could have spent years collecting things. And you may be able to remember where you got each addition. You remember the thrill of finding it and anticipating it's resale value.

  • You might have inherited a large collection, meaning each piece may have sentimental value for you. There may be family stories eluding to it's worth. You've seen something similar on Antiques Roadshow.

Online Estate Sales


But when it comes time to downsize your own things or clear out a loved one’s belongings, you may be faced with the harsh reality of their true value. Of course, it’s always possible you have some hidden treasures. Hidden Treasures, When Appraisals Lead to Profit. Your best bet to sell collectibles may be through Ebay consignment or brokering to collectors and national auction houses.

It’s not always easy to let go of things.  Downsizing Services in Asheville— either your own or someone else’s — but at Art of Downsizing, we have trusted partners who can help you value and sell the collectibles through Ebay. So, arm yourself with a few of our tips and we’ll make the process much easier for you.

Do Your Research

The prominence of the internet is both a blessing and a curse for selling your collectibles. The obvious advantage is being able to connect with other collectors all around the world. The disadvantage is oversaturation of the marketplace. With online auctions, though, the benefit often outweighs the risk. But understand the limitations, it can be a gamble since nothing is guaranteed unless you set a reserve price.

Before deciding what to sell, hop online to see what similar items or like-minded collections sell for. From this research, you can determine your starting price. Alternatively, you can turn over the entire process to Art of Downsizing because we have experience and resources to help determine value and take care of the actual selling, shipping and negotiating with potential buyers.

With thousands of counterfeit collectibles out there, establish your items’ credibility with an appraisal if it is rare and unusual. An appraisal more than pays for itself, ensuring that your item is priced correctly. For example, sports memorabilia have a distinct market, but some high bidders require certification. Without it, the items aren’t going to sell.

The Real World

A classic example of difficult collectibles to sell is illustrated by the Beanie Baby craze of the 1990s. When production of these toys stopped or became “limited edition,” there was a mad dash to hoard as many of the furry friends as possible. That drove the price up.

But in the real world, the price of these collectibles was determined by the marketplace — the buyers. When few wanted to pay thousands of dollars for them, the artificial market dried up, and the price of all Beanie Babies plummeted back to earth. The issue with Beanie Babies, as with many collectibles, was an overabundance of people trying to sell them without a large population willing to buy. It’s simple supply-and-demand economics. Usually sets sold as “collectibles” aren’t going to appreciate much in value and may even devalue rapidly.

Your Options

With online auctions or direct sales, finding legitimate websites to sell your loved one’s prized possessions can be difficult and confusing. Navigating eBay by yourself is hard. That’s why one of the services we offer is finding the right online platform, collector or auction firm for you.

We can set up online auctions whenever you need. Our personalized service includes an expert team analyzing buying trends, photographing your items, and listing them in the optimal way to find you a buyer. Contact us today! <>