What to Do with Aunt Effie’s China, Silver and Crystal

How to Liquidate an Estate with Panache

So, you’ve just lost your beloved Aunt Effie, and now you find yourself in charge of her estate. She entrusted you with the responsibility because she knew you always did the right thing. Now what?

Aunt Effie's China.jpg

You may have no clue where to begin or no energy to start. You may not even know what your options are or think you have too many choices. No matter how prepared you are for the death of a relative, no one taught you how to liquidate an estate. You don’t remember ever hearing about a class in school that prepared you for this nerve-wracking task.

The internet is a great place to turn to with your questions. And lucky for you, your preferred search engine has lead you to us. When you’ve just inherited an abundance of china, silver and crystal — as well as a houseful of other items — turn the tough decision making over to folks like us who make it our business to help. Don’t put it away in storage for another 10 years hoping the value will increase. We will rally to your cause and work alongside of you to devise a unique, savvy, customizable plan for all or some of your heirlooms. No worries! Art of Downsizing has experts on how to liquidate an estate.

The Roadblocks

The quick way to get these valuable trinkets off your hands may be through an estate sale. Expensive items like china, silver and crystal are often tricky items to sell. The younger market (like Millennials) seem less concerned with these showy dated pieces with which they entertain — and are by far more swayed by how they entertain and disposables that make life easier. However, depending on price and venue, you may be able to tempt more mature buyers or collectors.

While consignment or thrift stores would willingly take your valuables, that’s not how to liquidate an estate for the price you want. And trying to find an individual collector online can be more work than you’re willing to do, even if the payoff has potential. We make it our business to research and advertise your items to a ripe buyers market at the current fair market value.

Melting the silver may seem like an appealing idea, and in reality, it may be your best option. Sadly, the metal may be more valuable than the pieces themselves. We work with jewelers to evaluate the silver content and broker to a foundry if warranted. What may seem like 100 percent pure silver may actually be a small fraction of that. We’ll help you weigh the pros and cons or make the decisions for you if you like. Selling your aunt’s items in their original form may not be your best option, which may be the hardest tip you’ll get from the experts at Art of Downsizing. We’ll help alleviate your guilt and know how to liquidate an estate.

Afternoon Tea

An alternate way to honor the previous owner of these precious pieces is to hold an experiential tea party. Imagine that! Invite your friends and family, put the kettle on, and break out Aunt Effie’s china, silver and crystal one last time. Wouldn’t that just bring tears to her eyes?

With our team on the project, all of your loved one’s pieces can be used to their fullest potential  and displayed gloriously as you sit back and enjoy some scones and jam. We’ll take care of every detail, creating an environment the Queen of England would be proud of. A high tea is high class for a small gathering, and you and your friends get to enjoy being catered to.

At the end of the event, after the toasts and remembrances, surprise your guests by revealing the best part: they will receive the gift of a free place setting which we’ll wrap in a beautiful gold box, Oprah style. “You get some china! You get some silver! You get some crystal!” You can be the best host and impress everyone with your expertise on how to liquidate an estate when you pull off an event like this. When in doubt, call us at 828-772-5959.