Is Rightsizing Right For You?

Rightsizing Is a Growing Trend

Amidst the ever-growing list of buzzwords floating around the internet these days are sometimes-superfluous terms. But every once in a while, there comes a brilliant phrase that nails a sentiment. “Rightsizing,” similar to the more popular term downsizing, is one such catchphrase that’s gaining popularity because it’s so appropriately timely. When how to downsize takes on negative connotations, how to rightsize sounds, well, just right.

Rightsizing with Art of Downsizing in Asheville, NC

Rightsizing is all about working with what you’ve got. It means getting you and your family into a house or apartment that’s just the “right” size. Sometimes, it means decluttering to give your rooms sufficient space. But it can also mean creating a garden, buying a car or getting new clothes that fit you just right. Rightsizing can even be used to refer to someone who needs to be taken down a notch with a little ego-deflating.

What It’s All About

So how to downsize becomes the question du jour. While moving into a smaller space as your world or your family grows smaller may sound ideal, you may run into a bit of trouble when you actually try to do it. Think of downsizing as the ultimate goal, but you just need a few in-between steps to get there. Our services are built to help you with the downsizing process, but in the meantime, think about where to start your rightsizing.

Rightsizing in this context is about asking yourself the hard questions and working within your means to create a better living space. If your family living situation could change at any minute, welcoming your son back from college or your mother who can no longer live on her own, learning how to downsize might not be right for you, but you can instead look to rightsizing.

No More Labels

First and foremost, when it comes to rightsizing, you need to change your thinking about the purposes of certain rooms. Step back and take a look at just how often you truly use your dining room, or how many times this past year you’ve had guests stay in your designated guest room.

The concept of how to downsize is a rather easy thing to grasp, but it’s unlearning the way you think about your current home that can be much harder. When rightsizing, you enter a far more creative headspace, one that allows you to see your dining room as your aging mother’s new bedroom or your upstairs guestroom as your dream painting studio.

Rooms don’t have to be what they were originally designed to be. As decades go by, your home’s layout becomes dated and you need to make some updates to accommodate life as it is now. Maybe what was once your designated computer room has now been made obsolete because of your laptop. Rather than learning how to downsize, you can adjust your living space to become something greater than you’d ever imagine.

The Spectacular Now

It’s astounding how much discomfort we all choose to endure in the present to create an ideal future. That future may not even turn out as we expect. Downsizing is great and a very necessary thing to do as time goes on. Reframing your thinking about it and downsizing certain areas of your home to make them more convenient for your personal needs is often a more realistic way of doing things.

As you age, it’s important to create your ideal space for your mental and physical well-being. Although you may need to know how to downsize in your future, you need to accommodate your present living situation in the now. And now is the time to begin.

If you’ve always wanted an in-home gym and now have the means to afford it, for example, consider rightsizing your basement’s storage area by turning it into your very own work-out palace — something that could be just right for you! For more ideas or help rightsizing your space, call us at 828-772-5959.