A Senior Moving Coordination Service Respects Your Wishes

Respect should be an integral part of your experience when you hire a senior moving and planning service. And it should come with every contact you have with the team that you are relying on to get you to your new home on your schedule. Respect means that you’re acknowledged, listened to and cared about. These are the qualities that make up respect — a cross between esteem and concern.



Moving isn’t an easy process at any age, but it can be especially difficult in your later years. You’ve collected not just possessions, but memories. You’ll be glad to have someone helping who respects your belongings, your wishes and your feelings, someone who listens to all your worries and never dismisses your apprehensions.

Reasons to Choose a Senior Moving Service

You may have many reasons to move:

  • Your kids have finally left the nest

  • You’ve lost a family member or spouse

  • You’re just trying to downsize

Whatever your reason, a senior moving service makes your experience far easier by helping you plan and by weaving attention to detail into the fabric of the service. Find a service, like Art of Downsizing, that listens to you and works closely alongside of you. Hire someone who has been through the process before, knows what to expect and plans accordingly. Minimize surprises and expenses.

Safety First, Trustworthiness Second

Make sure the people you hire are bonded and insured, as Art of Downsizing is. This means your possessions are protected. When you trust your moving coordination service, you know they have your best interests at heart. You know your possessions are in good hands.

But when you’re downsizing, there’s more responsibility required than just keeping your property safe. Maybe you need help figuring out what to take with you and what you no longer need. It’s a big job and oh so personal. You’ll find exceptional listeners at the best senior moving service — objective experts to help you sort it all out. They can even help you sell or donate the things you’re willing to part with.

Our Promise

Every move is different because every person is different. What to pack and what to keep are sensitive decisions you need to make. We know that moving a person of age requires reassurance, respect and attention to detail. A senior moving service has to take care of every facet of the move.

Your wishes are our top priority. In your initial meeting with us, you give us a picture of the lifestyle you currently have and the one you’d like to embrace in your new home. Through your specifications and our expertise, we make suggestions for downsizing that respect your wishes and keep the process stress-free.

Working Hand-in-Hand

The vision you set for your new lifestyle informs every choice. As an objective third party dedicated to helping you downsize and move, we do the brunt of the planning, boxing, sorting and liquidating what is no longer wanted and see that your family receives emotional support. While coordinating the physical move with our trusted moving partners, you can expect professionalism, care and respect at every stage of your move.

Every good senior moving service knows that you need weeks of planning for your late-in-life transition. We’re by your side from the very beginning. We’re there to schedule the process far in advance, provide you with a step by step plan that meets your timeline and we’re still there to help with the packing. When you need to move — or when you need to move your parents and liquidate the things that don’t fit their new lifestyle or yours — count on the experience and dedication of Art of Downsizing (828) 772-5959.