7 Things to Consider When Cleaning Out Your Parents’ House

7 Things to Consider When Cleaning Out Your Parents’ House

7 Things to Consider When Cleaning Out Your Parents’ House

You may not have time to clean your own homes, much less the house of your parents. And though grieving a parent is one of the most heart-wrenching situations you can face, the responsibilities just pile up if left undone. While our hearts and prayers go out to you, here’s some valuable advice.

The process of dividing up things to keep, sell and give to charity is difficult because there’s no exact science to it. When you find yourself reluctantly cleaning for an estate sale, consider bringing in a third party who’s not as invested in the emotional ties to material things and can sort more objectively. Also, review this list of helpful tips to make it as painless as possible.

The Big Picture

Cleaning for an estate sale takes a measure of foresight. Devising a preliminary plan of attack is equally as important as doing the dirty work. These three tips focus on some baseline things to keep in mind when starting the process:

  1. Know thyself. Getting your parents’ home in order after a death requires a certain level of self-awareness. If you know you’re more of a big picture thinker, stick to the planning. Leave the cleaning for an estate sale to a sibling, another relative or even a professional.

  2. Divide and conquer. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the thought of cleaning out an entire house or apartment. But when you schedule certain sections of the house to tackle every day, you keep yourself sane and busy with a set pattern.

  3. Stick to a deadline. People tend to work better and more efficiently with a deadline. After mapping out exactly how you plan to prep the house for the sale, set a date to hold yourself and your family accountable. Advertise the date to further solidify the event. You can also leave the whole estate sale process to a professional team like Art of Downsizing.

Is Rightsizing Right For You?

Is Rightsizing Right For You?

Rightsizing Is a Growing Trend

Amidst the ever-growing list of buzzwords floating around the internet these days are sometimes-superfluous terms. But every once in a while, there comes a brilliant phrase that nails a sentiment. “Rightsizing,” similar to the more popular term downsizing, is one such catchphrase that’s gaining popularity because it’s so appropriately timely. When how to downsize takes on negative connotations, how to rightsize sounds, well, just right.

Rightsizing is all about working with what you’ve got. It means getting you and your family into a house or apartment that’s just the “right” size. Sometimes, it means decluttering to give your rooms sufficient space. But it can also mean creating a garden, buying a car or getting new clothes that fit you just right. Rightsizing can even be used to refer to someone who needs to be taken down a notch with a little ego-deflating.

What It’s All About

So how to downsize becomes the question du jour. While moving into a smaller space as your world or your family grows smaller may sound ideal, you may run into a bit of trouble when you actually try to do it. Think of downsizing as the ultimate goal, but you just need a few in-between steps to get there. Our services are built to help you with the downsizing process, but in the meantime, think about where to start your rightsizing.

Rightsizing in this context is about asking yourself the hard questions and working within your means to create a better living space. If your family living situation could change at any minute, welcoming your son back from college or your mother who can no longer live on her own, learning how to downsize might not be right for you, but you can instead look to rightsizing.

How to Present Your Goods on eBay to Get the Best Price

How to Present Your Goods on eBay to Get the Best Price

How to Best Present Your Goods on eBay to Get the Best Price

In this day and age, we’re always looking to get the next best thing. Some of us won’t step foot in a restaurant until we’ve read at least 20 Yelp reviews. And all Amazon devotees know not to mess with something that has less than four stars.

If you’ve recently done some cleaning and you’re considering selling on eBay, you may not know where to start. Look no further! Our comprehensive guide to getting the best price on your goods is here for your pleasure and profit.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words (or Dollars)

When you’re looking to make some serious cash on whatever valuable you’re selling, getting the perfect picture is absolutely essential. If you’re not a professional photographer with all the right equipment, never fear! The digital age has delivered smartphones into all of our lives. Now the mini-computer in your pocket can be used for more than just Facebook and pictures of your grandkids.

Art of Downsizing is happy to take eBay photos for you, but you can try it yourself. Review the following tips for great photos:

  • You may think “the brighter, the better” when it comes to showing off your item, but the flash is never a good idea.

  • When selling on eBay, stick to natural lighting with little to no shadows. Keep the photo aesthetically pleasing in natural light, and it’s more likely to be bought.

  • Take advantage of eBay’s photo editor options located under picture when you post it..

  • Make sure your item is always in focus, so every detail can be seen.

  • Get as close as possible; this isn’t the time to show off backgrounds or ambiance.