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Declutter and Destress for the Holidays

Declutter and Destress for the Holidays

Don’t Deck the Halls

It can be so tempting to fill your home with the knickknacks of the holidays — and there’s nothing wrong with that! But when you’re trying to make room for the bevy of new gifts and gadgets you’re going to receive, showing some restraint by decluttering your home just might prove to be the cure for clutter this holiday season.

Sure, a tree is always one of those must-have items of holiday cheer. Concentrate the majority of your holiday spirit on and around the tree, leaving the other space-hogging decorations in storage — or better yet, donate them to a worthy organization so that some other families can find joy in the season.

Focus your attention on the decorations you can hang or wrap around something, as those don’t take up as much space. Mistletoe and garland, for example, add some holiday flare to your home without messing with space you actually walk through.