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Lighten Up Your Inherited Load

Are You a Statistic

According to the Wall Street Journal, Americans spend $1.2 trillion annually on nonessential goods--in other words, items they do not need. Mini storage and storage warehouses are making a fortune off of your inability to decide what to do with all the stuff Uncle Bert left to you.

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Got the Probate Blues?

Have you inherited too much stuff, need help with liquidating an estate or are planning a move to a more manageable retirement sized home where you can enjoy your most valued things and transition to a clean, efficient minimalist lifestyle?

It is a proven fact that minimizing your own or inherited personal property accumulations has many physical and emotional benefits, including less stress, greater peace of mind, easier navigation, smaller financial expenses for maintenance and upkeep, and fewer health issues from stuff-related stress, dust or mildew.

Art of Downsizing estate sale services is an affordable solution: an art refined from years of professional and personal experience. You deserve to live the simpler life to which you’ve aspired and dreamed of.  Our Design and Organization Specialist Cindy will help you declutter and freshly organize your home, while our Owner and Consultant Michelle will help you financially leverage the possessions you no longer want using onsite or internet sales, connections with national auction houses, and online targeted marketing strategies.

Maybe You Just Want to Declutter Your Home

Need to get a home cleared, staged and put on the market for sale? A cluttered home or work space is an eyesore and a drain of energy, not to mention a safety and health hazard. Our Downsizing experts will teach you how to create a personal space that welcomes, energizes and frees you!

Art of Downsizing provides a professional fresh perspective to go alongside you and help make difficult decisions about what to keep. Specifically we:

  • Sell marketable estates and furnishings using local and national venues

  • Arrange for pickup and route usable goods to charities

  • Schedule recyclable and  disposables pickups that keep over usage of environmentally toxic landfill waste to a minimum.

Grandma Would Pitch a Fit

Maybe you’re just not sure what to do. After all this stuff has been in the family for a long time. Art of Downsizing is  more than happy to come out and help you assess your situation at no charge. We’ll give you straightforward answers to help you decide when is the right time, what are your options, how to lighten your load and get out from under the responsibilities that go along with owning too much stuff. If we are a good fit, you will be given a step by step plan with a timeline you can trust. If we can’t help you we will see that you have reliable information to get the job done.  (828) 772-5959