Downsizing? Ditch These 10 Items

Downsizing? Ditch These 10 Items

Downsizing? Ditch These 10 Items

It’s just stuff! Maybe so, but sorting through it all and quieting the emotions that downsizing stirs up is difficult—whether you’re going through your own or your parents’ home. This indispensable workbook provides valuable advice and how-to checklists along with a place to reflect, record, and retain an important piece of family history, even as you let go.

What Type of Estate Sale Is Right for You?

What Type of Estate Sale Is Right for You?

Choices, choices, choices. It used to be that when you wanted to sell things from your home or from your parents’ home, you had only one choice: an estate sale at a local auction house. Now, you have countless options that all lead to varying degrees of success. How to choose?

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When faced with the task of liquidating an estate, you now have many options from which to choose. And each form of estate sale service is valuable in its own way. It’s up to you to decide which works best for your particular situation. Options include:

  • In-home estate sales

  • Estate sale auction

  • Online estate sale

Keeping with Tradition

Because the success of an estate sale is dependent largely on the region where you live, hire a local estate sale service like Art of Downsizing to get the most out of the items you’re selling. If you’ve held an estate sale before and found it to be an effective venue for selling your things, then stick with it.

Keep in mind your big-ticket items when choosing an estate sale service. If you’re primarily selling large furniture and delicate items that wouldn’t ship well, an in-home estate sale is the right choice. People are more likely to buy the larger items when they can see them up close and don’t have far to go. And you’re more likely to close the deal in person.

Going Once, Going Twice…

An auction is not where most minds immediately go when planning an estate sale, but it’s Art of Downsizing’s secret weapon. Because we’re constantly researching what’s hot on the auction scene and the best venues to sell in, our auction estate sale service may be your best choice to liquidate medium and large estates and ensure most everything sells.

If the estate you’re liquidating is filled with high end antiques, art or other heirlooms that you think might be too valuable to sell in the traditional format, look to certain auction houses to do your estate justice. We stay updated on the region and national auction houses in efforts to find the most advantageous market for your estate if you would like us to broker these items for you.

The Digital Age

In this crazy time where the internet rules all and there’s a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips, online estate sale services are simultaneously amazing and daunting. With the convenience the internet has brought, selling your items online can produce more stress, but also greater rewards, by reaching a wider audience.

When looking to sell common household items, tools, furniture and knick-knacks, for example, the online forum is definitely the right choice for you. Not only are these online auctions convenient and keep traffic down in your home, you’ll have much better luck attracting buyers who are looking for a deals while sitting in their living room.

Photographing, listing and researching what people pay for items like yours is time-consuming, no doubt and requires a license on formats other than eBay. But if you are willing to go with an online estate auction firm, you can come out further ahead and in  most cases the sale pays for itself from your profit. An estate sale service like Art of Downsizing handles all aspects of the sale as well as the photography and research for you, leaving no stone unturned in our effort to find the right online buyer for you.

The Traditional Tag Sale

Some buyers and sellers much prefer a hands on approach to estate sale  shopping and the intrigue of finding an unexpected treasure among the many items displayed at a traditional “tag sale” type estate sale held onsite of your home. They like the community feel and meeting their neighbors while hunting for a bargain. If you are such a person and proud of your possessions, you may want to open your home to antique collectors, second hand traders, collectors and curiosity seekers who enjoy the thrill of the hunt and the ambience that an in home estate sale creates. It is a much more dignified way to set off your possessions and give them an honorable send off as you reminisce about how you acquired the crystal bell or stuffed alligator. This type of sale typically brings in higher prices as competition amongst buyers is heightened.

Either type of sale will result in a huge sense of relief as you let go of the responsibility of unwanted possessions, move on with your life and turn them over to new owners who can put your unused treasures to good use.

A Senior Moving Coordination Service Respects Your Wishes

A Senior Moving Coordination Service Respects Your Wishes

A Senior Moving Coordination Service Respects Your Wishes

Respect should be an integral part of your experience when you hire a senior moving and planning service. And it should come with every contact you have with the team that you are relying on to get you to your new home on your schedule. Respect means that you’re acknowledged, listened to and cared about. These are the qualities that make up respect — a cross between esteem and concern.