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Now that your kids are all grown up with families of their own, you may find yourself looking around your house thinking "Do I really need all this space"? It’s a simple question, but not necessarily easy to face.  We've provided this resource for you to download and use now to get you started.


Preserve What Matters, Let Us Handle the Rest!

When your family has collected a houseful of valuable treasures, an estate sale can be the best method for selling your pieces for the best price. Michelle Munson and her team know which pieces need to go to a high-end auction house like Southeby’s and which pieces would fare better at a strategically marketed estate sale. This can be an overwhelming process! But with sympathetic and efficient professionals, it’s a much less intimidating process.


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If you would like immediate professional help from Michelle and her team with your downsizing project, please email us at and include your phone number. We are looking forward to talking to you soon!