For Adult Children

When you’re the child of an aging parent, there are many issues you are sure to face. Deciding the fate of your parents’ possessions is one situation you will eventually have to navigate. Whether it is readying your parents’ home for the real estate market, setting up an estate sale, bringing in appraisers to update your personal property insurance, or simply identifying the correct market for the items in your estate, we are eager and qualified to help.

As personal property managers, we understand there is more than one way to view a family object.

One may see it as a treasure, another as taking up necessary space.

During our consultation with you, we’ll address any emotional differences or thoughts you may have regarding certain items--for example, you may view a home or an antique differently from your parents or siblings. Then we’ll collaborate and navigate to find a solution that pleases both parties.

We stake our reputation on helping families and individuals by customizing our estate sales, personal property management and moving coordination to meet your unique situation.

You deserve a high-touch client experience that makes you feel assured, confident, appreciative, and healthier. Recognizing that objects contain emotional weight and value, Art of Downsizing seeks to assuage guilt, stress and anxiety by giving the process of liquidating personal property the attention, honor and professionalism it deserves during a difficult transition. We assist in honoring the memory and timeless value of the heirlooms and items we coordinate for sale or donation on your behalf. 

We specifically support you, whether you are distant or nearby, in the following ways. 

  • Providing your parent with the same kind of personal attention you would like to provide yourself.

  • Co-creating a project and communication plan for your family that you will have access to 24/7 and will keep them and you in the loop.

  • Supporting your parent through the transition process by providing a sense of reassurance during unsettling times.

  •  Devising a blueprint for liquidating possessions and/or scaling furnishings to meet their lifestyle changes. 

  • Accommodating the desire to preserve memories in meaningful ways. 

  • Coordinating preparation of a residence for sale, including things like sorting, personal property liquidation, home staging and arranging for repairs or maintenance services when you are too busy or without resources.

  • Researching  or providing referral information about  assisted living, alternative housing or local ongoing community support services that your family might require during or after the move.

Power of Attorney


Whenever a person appointed as Power of Attorney contacts us to request services for a senior or the disabled needing assistance, we are happy to work with them. In doing so, we include the principal for whom the agent is appointed, and in whose home we work, to attempt to include them in the planning and decision making process, whenever possible,