Specializing in Estate Sales

Art of Downsizing is a western North Carolina professional downsizing service company to help you and your loved ones honor your family legacy by preserving what truly matters and optimizing the divestment of your family belongings. Based just west of Asheville, NC, we offer estate sale services, estate liquidation, home organization and moving preparation service to individuals and families within a 50-mile radius of Buncombe County.

Preserve What Matters. Let us Manage the Rest.

Serving Western North Carolina 

Art of Downsizing makes estate liquidation easy and stress-free.

CleanOut Services

Sometimes, what you own DOES define you. We know that family heirlooms such as art, furnishings, and trinkets hold memories and value beyond money. But what about the rest? You don’t need to feel obligated to keep or move a household full of stuff that doesn’t reflect who you are or where you’re going next. When you work with Art of Downsizing, we can help organize your estate clean out, set up an online estate sale and manage it on your behalf, or schedule and oversee your local estate sale. Perhaps you need a combination of online and weekend efforts to liquidate your estate--consider it handled by us.

Whether you recently inherited a house full of family heirlooms, or you just realized how many items you’ve been storing in your garage over the years, contact us and tell us your story and situation. We offer a free consultation to get you heading in the right direction with your estate goods. Equipped with years of experience navigating online auctions, selling platforms, live sales, and connecting clients to appraisal firms and fine auction houses, our team will help you sort, assess and tag those items you would love to keep and help you optimize your financial outcomes for the rest.

Our estate liquidation services offer a stress-free way to free up real estate space and personal property using creative, customized solutions you might not have considered. We practice an artful approach to handle your personal estate with the care it deserves.

Move Management Services

we’ll give you more time to do what you love...AND FOCUS ON THE FUTURE.

Moving can be physically and emotionally strenuous. We lighten the transition by providing you with moving and home downsizing services. Need a team to pack boxes and label them for your new destination? Do you need to stage or clear your home so it looks beautiful to potential buyers? Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with the idea of what to pass on to your children, and what will be necessary in your new, smaller home. Through planning, organizing, and moving services, we can support you every step of the way from selling to stepping into your new accommodations.

For adult children of aging parents, we understand what it’s like to navigate the process of helping your loved ones move. Transitioning into a nursing home or assisted living facility can feel scary or sad to everyone involved. As you help your parents downsize their personal items and prepare to move, our team can take care of the time-consuming logistics so you can focus on your family and make more happy memories. 

Art of Downsizing schedules and coordinates with our trusted community partners to provide security, supervision, and care during the move. Even concierge services, such as arranging deliveries to the new living space, can be handled by us.

Your time is valuable. With our move managment services, we give you more time with your loved ones.

Home Organizing Services

If decluttering your home seems like a daunting task, hire us for the day or week to help.

We’ve all fallen for the old “throw it in the closet before the guests arrive!” house-cleaning trick. But there are only so many times you can pile clothes and junk into one room before it becomes an embarrassing mess. If the idea of spending Saturday afternoon organizing your home sounds overwhelming, your help is on the way. Cindy, Art of Downsizing’s organization specialist, will come to your rescue and organize one room, your entire home, or the storage space you’ve been avoiding for months (or years).

Let’s sort junk, decide what should be kept or discarded, and arrange your space in a way that meets your lifestyle. Whether working together through close collaboration or following your general instructions, our goal is to leave you with a freshly cleaned and sorted home where you can finally breathe and relax.

Need a full-service, white glove cleaning throughout your entire home? Want help rethinking how to better access personal items in a storage facility? Enjoy a beautifully refreshed, reorganized, and strategically spaced environment where you feel more freedom and a sense of accomplishment.

Elegant Solutions.  Preserve What Matters.

Let us help you economize with ease

To sell, donate, recycle, or keep? We know this can be a hard question to answer. But you’re not alone. Art of Downsizing provides elegant solutions and smart packages to help you during any move or transition where you need to minimize your amount of personal property.

Make your space fit your lifestyle. Our team can leverage your unwanted personal property or inherited items through local estate sale setup and management, and take care of time-consuming sorting, staging, pricing and inventorying while you focus on what matters most.

Make extra money, reduce stress, enjoy your retirement, and experience the freedom that accompanies downsizing and organizing your home. From estate liquidation to senior moving services, auction coordination to home organization, estate cleanout to simply downsizing, enjoy the attention and care you deserve with Art of Downsizing.




The Art of Downsizing made my elderly father’s move from the Asheville, NC to Aurora, IL so much easier! I couldn’t have done it without Michelle’s help. She was wonderful. So organized, so professional, so friendly, so knowledgeable. She understood all the difficulties of what my father & I went through and had so much great advice. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to downsize or clean out a home. My dad was able to recoup some money to put back into his savings for care down the road. I am truly grateful for this company!! Thank you!! March 2019

- Kira Kornecki

“Words can’t convey how much I appreciated what you’ve done for me and my family. Your professional expertise is exceptional. But even more impressive is the heart you put into your craft. You care about your clients, your finished product, your interactions with others. Thank you for your help. I’ll never forget how your calm presence guided me through a difficult emotional journey”. Feb 2019

- Elaine Barnes

"My husband and I recently sold our house in North Carolina while living in New York. We needed to empty an entire house in a short time. Michelle was suggested to us and she came to our rescue and managed everything! She is honest, competent and timely.We thoroughly enjoyed working (long distance) with her. She did a great job with the sale and helped us with any snags we ran into. We are grateful for her efforts and highly recommend her." July 2018

— Cheri Natoli