Meet Michelle

Michelle Munson is experienced in estate liquidation, auction and appraisal coordination, private sale consulting, and is an online consignment specialist.

Michelle Munson is the Owner of Art of Downsizing, based in Candler, North Carolina and serving surrounding counties within a 50-mile radius. She is experienced in estate liquidation, auction and appraisal coordination, private sale consulting, and is an online consignment specialist. Michelle is a trustworthy and savvy personal property liquidation expert who brings a level of consideration, attention, and care to each client’s experience.

Michelle knows the locals and landscape of this community because she grew up in Montreat, NC and then went on to earn her Bachelor degree from Montana State University-Bozeman and her Masters degree in Behavioral Science from City University of Seattle. Since 1998, Michelle has optimized her seller presence on eBay and since 2013 has maintained a seller account on Amazon, both for which she proudly holds a 100% feedback rating. She is a member of the American Society of Estate Liquidators. Previously she served as a Navigator for The Council on Aging of Buncombe County and provided contract work for NCDHHS Adult Protective Services. Her tagline is "unload your baggage and live your dream."

A special message from Michelle, owner of Art of Downsizing:

“In 2007, my parents--who were in their eighties--moved from a 4600 sq foot home into a 1100 sq foot retirement villa. Because my father had health issues and my mother was overwhelmed with taking care of him, she didn’t have time to downsize or plan the transition before Moving Day arrived.

On Moving Day, my parents took over 50 wonderful years’ worth of travelling and opulent collecting with them to this smaller retirement villa. There was limited space to unload it, no time to figure out how to sort or auction any of their trash, trinkets and treasures, and no energy left at the end of the day. They just wanted to relax and enjoy the little time they had left to spend together. I had obligations of my own.

Eight years later, most of these items, mixed with stuff they never used, were still sitting in boxes stashed in closets or limited attic space. The carport was barely accessible. My mother’s dementia had unfortunately progressed to the point where she was no longer able to care for her cherished possessions, and my brother and I were both adequately possessed of our own belongings, and had already incorporated the family hand me downs we wanted into our own homes. I was left to navigate a clear path to a healthier dwelling space for them.

Let’s face it: My mom, like many overwhelmed and busy people needing to get from point A to Z as quickly as possible  is a classic example of her generation of dedicated collectors without an exit strategy. And I was, just like many children of aging parents, left to figure out what to do with family treasures which represented a lifetime of memories and sentiment, that I loved, but didn’t necessarily serve a purpose other than taking up valuable space.

Oftentimes, we simply have too much stuff. That’s why I created the Art of provide a service by experts that not only have knowledge and a high level of client care, but also the personal experience. We are people who have been in your shoes. It can be a challenge to liquidate an estate or coordinate a move--I’m here to let you know: you’re not alone.”