Moving Past Fear

When it comes to letting go of family antiques, heirlooms, and personal possessions, we often hit a wave of fear, enhanced by the guilt of not being able to preserve the family heritage any longer. This can be compounded by the stress of other obligations, conflicts or transitioning to a new home.

Fear is a natural response. After all, we’ve been conditioned from a young age that the objects we possess define us or give others clues about our status or identity.

At Art of Downsizing, we see and understand your fears. We will never dismiss your questions or hesitation--instead, we help you work through the emotional side while managing the physical day-to-day details of your estate sale, personal property auction, conscientious recycling or junk removal. 

We will stand by you as you enter the next phase of your life.  Both Michelle and Cindy have experienced the downsizing dilemma in our own family and have professional systemic counseling backgrounds. You can count on us to never shame or rush you.