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  • A personalized, customized experience and one-stop solution for you
  • Flexible estate sale options
  • Honesty, transparency, attention to detail, consideration, and thoughtfulness
  • Experience the "royal treatment" in any of our service packages
  • Assurance that you are more important than the stuff you are brokering
  • Connections to high-end and minor auction houses

Our Testimonials

My husband and I recently sold our house in North Carolina while living in New York.We needed to empty an entire house in a short time. Michelle was suggested to us and she came to our rescue and managed everything! She is honest, competent and timely.We thoroughly enjoyed working (long distance) with her. She did a great job with the sale and helped us with any snags we ran into. We are grateful for her efforts and highly recommend her. July 2018
— Cheri Natoli
“We are appreciative of someone like you who has come into our lives and handled such a huge task for us with skill and grace. Thanks to your hard work, this has been a huge success in my opinion. One thing I appreciated most was your sensitivity to my Mother—you never made her feel as if her things were being taken away—but rather that they were being taken care of. This is a vital distinction and you handled it in such a way that Mother is happy and does not feel violated in any respect. Not everyone could do that and I will always love you for it and we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! “ May 2017
— Wanda C. Rice
I highly recommend this service/company. I’ve used another downsizing service that left me greatly disappointed. Michelle is GREAT & stays in touch throughout the process and works hard - right by your side. I trust her completely, and that says a lot! February 2017
— Rose-Marie Vieira