Why Choose Us?


  • Highly knowledgeable with an expert staff on hand
  • Connections to high-end and minor auction houses
  • A personalized, customized experience and one-stop solution for you
  • Honesty, transparency, attention to detail, consideration, and thoughtfulness
  • Experience the "royal treatment" in any of our service packages
  • Assurance that you are more important than the stuff you are brokering

Our Testimonials

I highly recommend this service/company. I’ve used another downsizing service that left me greatly disappointed. Michelle is GREAT & stays in touch throughout the process and works hard - right by your side. I trust her completely, and that says a lot!
— Rose-Marie Vieira
“I have known Michelle for over 8 years and had the pleasure of connecting with her various times over the years professionally as well as within the church community. I have always found her to be thoughtful, insightful, caring and intelligent. She has the professional ability to accurately assess needs with clients and process next steps in ways that can make all the difference. She also presents as a real person who is well rounded and able to relate and get buy in from clients that helps promote investment and positive results. Knowing her within the church community, she is giving and kind while not being a person who just takes things at face value. she is always willing to grow and acknowledge new information and learn from her experiences. I recommend her wholeheartedly.”
— David Crowder
“Michelle is about as real as it comes which is essential for leadership. She has a thirst for learning which is infectious to the teams she is part of. I believe one of her greatest qualities is her desire to serve people. She also has an outstanding work ethic. I am thankful I had the opportunity to partner with her.”
— Becky Harmon